What Does a Furnished Apartment Include?

Furnished Apartments Include

Furnished apartments include a bed, couch, tv, cable, wi-fi, dining table, furniture, decor, kitchen appliances, kitchenware, bedding, cleaning supplies, and washer & dryer. Furnished apartments may have 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms depending on your preference and are generally all-inclusive of amenities, internet, cable tv, landline, electric, and water. 

Why Choose a Furnished Apartment?

Business travelers, young professionals, students, military personnel, and anyone experiencing a temporary stay in a city, choose furnished apartments for the convenience of a move-in ready apartment with minimal upkeep and straightforward pricing. Furnished apartments cost more than unfurnished apartments, but save renters money and time with no need to acquire furniture and necessary household items. 

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What Are the Advantages of Furnished Apartments?

  • All-inclusive Pricing. One of the primary advantages of furnished apartments versus hotels and Airbnbs is the all-inclusive pricing. Furnished apartments often include electricity, gas, water, trash pickup, Internet, cable, and phone services in their monthly lease payment.
  • Fully Furnished Spacious Living. When you want a living space that is not confined to a small square hotel room, furnished apartments come with a full kitchen, options for one or more bedrooms, a spacious living room and comfortable bathroom. All rooms are also furnished with furniture, bedding, towels kitchenware, appliances, including a washer and dryer, artwork, lamp lighting, and television, to name a few.
  • Client Support. Furnished apartments offer a higher level of client care than hotel management, allowing you to personalize your housing needs for a serviced apartment experience with top-notch support.
  • Cost Savings. Furnished apartments can help you save money without the need to purchase expensive furniture, housewares, and appliances. 
  • Flexible Leasing. Another advantage of many furnished apartments is an adaptable 30-day rental agreement that allows tenants to stay month-to-month rather than signing a 12-month lease. With few exceptions, the furnished apartment provider and the tenant are required to give a 30-day notice to end a month-to-month lease.
  • Tax Deductions for Employers and Business Owners. Sole proprietors can deduct furnished apartment expenses as business travel, and employers paying on behalf of an employee  can deduct the full cost as a business expense. Learn where to deduct furnished apartments on your taxes.
  • Dogs and Cats Allowed. In general, most furnished apartments are pet friendly allowing tenants to bring their furry friends along for the extended stay.
  • Recreation and Fitness. Additionally, many furnished apartment communities have fitness centers, pools, and a variety of other perks like tanning beds, meeting spaces, and game rooms.
  • Customizable Options. Individuals may need custom requests for their temporary stay 

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