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All work, no place to stay in Corpus Christi? Corporate Housing Corpus Christi companies have rental and relocation agents specializing in rentals for corporate executives and VIPs. Alamo Corporate Housing, specifically, has alternative rental  solutions beyond Corpus Christi, in cities such as San Antonio and Austin, Texas. As specialists in corporate housing and relocation, Alamo agents work with companies, individuals and HR departments; as well as, various branches of military coordinating short term and extended stay housing options in cooperation with private real estate owners to transition existing properties into lavish corporate rentals. Each corporate housing rental is offered at a flat monthly rate package which includes a fully furnished and spacious home away with all utilities, cable tv with over 200 channels, Wi-Fi Internet and completely stocked for guest convenience. All mentioned are basic services provided in a housing package to business and military, as well as other VIP travelers. Unlike hotels and condominium units, corporate housing rentals have very few restrictions. Guests are encouraged to bring along spouses, children, even family pets are welcome. 

Corporate housing, as an alternative to traditional rentals, represents one of the fastest growing segments of real estate market in United States. This growth trend is expected to continue through 2016, according to the latest Atlas Annual Corporate Relocation Survey, Conducted annually, the Relocation Survey asks key company directors,HR department heads, and others to respond to a series of questions geared to the moving and relocation services in the United States. Results fromthe latest survey confirm more than 46% of respondents wprk for companies with plans to increase employee relocation budgets in the coming 2016 fiscal year.


Relocation Services Corpus Christi

When asked why these relocation budgets will increase many cited short comings in local talent pools and lower costs of relocation as compared to high costs of recruitement and employee acquisition. Given many companies feel talent is not well developed in new markets, 43% of survey participants stated they intend to promote from within their own ranks rather than spend on new talent acquisition. Many corporate housing service agents feel the reason their service industry niche enjoys steady growth is due to the enhanced personal services offered to clients. Personal attention in relocation services ultimately equates to less stress during the transition to new unfamiliar location for the employee. Rather than stress, wouldn't it be nice to simply show up and find everything you possibly need already waiting for you in your new residence?

Clearly, Convenience is the driving force in corporate housing customer acquisition and everyone wins in these transactional relationships. Property owners are paid, HR departments have less headaches and company expansion continues in new territories. Alamo Corporate Housing specialists are available to make your next corporate relocation as pleasant as possible with branch locations in primary U.S. cities such as Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas and another in St. Louis, Missouri. This is not an exhaustive rental list either as agents have connections in additional cities across the contiguous United States.  Services can be arranged in a matter of days in emergency situations and the bonus features Alamo agents bring to the table is the relocation service specialty which sweetens the deal. Enjoy all benefits of opting for corporate housing accommodations while home away from home is often believed an illusion by contacting Alamo Corporate Housing agents it becomes a reality. If you have are thinking of accepting a relocation offer or have plans to offer one to an executive, we invite you to contact a friendly and professional housing and relocation agent. The toll free number is 866.224.4200.