Airbnb San Antonio: Everything You Need to Know

When you’re investing or looking for the perfect short term rental, you need to know everything about Airbnb in San Antonio. Military City, USA, is a popular destination for Airbnbs with Air Force Basic Training graduations at Lackland every week, ongoing training at Fort Sam Houston and Randolph Air Force Base, and world-famous attractions like the Alamo, SeaWorld, the San Antonio Riverwalk, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. With family and friends constantly rotating through San Antonio, Alamo Corporate Housing will help you explore the fifth hottest city for short-term rentals, and find the best Airbnbs and areas to invest. And if you’re staying for 3 months or more, don’t hesitate to contact us for significant savings on fully furnished corporate housing in San Antonio.

Best Airbnbs in San Antonio by Area

When it comes to the best Airbnbs in San Antonio, we’ve selected the best property for each area of San Antonio based on fifty or more 5.0 star ratings, Airbnb’s “Guest favorite” credentials, luxury amenities, and best pricing for the area. Travelers will also find a complete list of the best Airbnbs in San Antonio for each location, while investors will find a full list of the properties available for sale in the best areas of San Antonio.

Best Airbnb in Downtown San Antonio

Best Airbnb in Alamo Heights San Antonio

Best Airbnb in Stone Oaks San Antonio

Best Airbnb Near SeaWorld San Antonio

Best Airbnb in Fort Sam Houston San Antonio

Best Airbnb in Northeast San Antonio


San Antonio is filled with some of the best neighborhoods for Airbnb travelers and investors, with suburban listings growing 43% last year. In 2023, San Antonio Airbnb owners netted $12,500, with an average revenue of $38,600. The average Airbnb home value in San Antonio is $300K and the average daily rate is $192.60

Though Airbnb revenue across markets dropped 50% from May 2022 to May 2023, San Antonio total revenues remained strong with a 55% occupancy rate and only an incremental loss of 4% per available night. The demand growth forecast for 2024 is 8% with an average daily rate of $175 expected. According to Statista, San Antonio’s population is projected to grow 12.48% by 2030.

The bottom line: San Antonio is a good place to invest in short-term rentals in 2024 with a strong daily rate ($192.60), occupancy rate (55%), demand growth (8%), Airbnb market score (70), and expected 2030 population growth (12.48%). With three primary Air Force bases, several worldwide attractions including the Alamo, SeaWorldSix Flags Siesta Texas, and The Riverwalk, as well lower taxes, utility rates, and cost of living, San Antonio is a destination for 41 million tourists every year. San Antonio Airbnbs or exploring relocation

Expected San Antonio Population Growth by 2030
Airbnb San Antonio Average Daily Rate in 2023

Airbnb San Antonio Data from

Airbnb San Antonio Occupancy Rate 2023
AirDNA Airbnb San Antonio Market Overview

Best Neighborhoods to Invest in San Antonio

In 2024, the best neighborhoods to invest in San Antonio Airbnbs are known for their location, safety, amenities, schools, development of new business, and growth potential. Based on analysis of last year’s Airbnb rental market, projected returns for 2024, and potential profitability (as well as future appreciation), here are the best neighborhoods to invest in San Antonio:

  1. Downtown
  2. Alamo Heights
  3. Olmos Park / North Central
  4. Medical Center / Northwest
  5. Highland Park / East Side
  6. Stone Oak / Far North Central
  7. SeaWorld / Far West Side
  8. Six Flags Area / Far Northwest

Best Areas to Stay in a San Antonio AirBnb

Some of the safest neighborhoods in San Antonio are also areas where the median home price of $544K is considerably higher. Alamo Heights, for example, is a highly regarded area in San Antonio for young families, retirees, and working professionals. As a result the average daily rate for Airbnbs in Alamo Heights is also higher at $206 per night. TripAdvisor Destination Expert, Gehrig, says there is no specific “bad” area in San Antonio and lists these popular areas as safe places to stay:

  1. King William
  2. Riverwalk
  3. Southtown
  4. Tobin Hill
  5. Olmos Park
  6. Alamo Heights
  7. The Pearl
  8. La Cantera

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